Body Confident Fitness Program, Workout


Welcome! I'm your fitness trainer Rubi and the founder of Fitness and HIIT. Here to support you on your health and fitness journey. You'll also find a worldwide community of women to support and motivate you along the way.

I'm here to help women around the globe to achieve their optimal fitness levels through my training and the Body Confident Program. After graduating in Computer Science I started my career in the IT industry. I was always interested in taking care of my health and fitness especially whilst working long hours in the office and the city. After becoming a mama my health and fitness became more of a priority to feeling fit and confident. I developed more interest in fitness and set up a home gym. I decided to make the move into fitness and help other women feel fit, healthy and confident and after qualifying as a personal trainer I started uploading workouts to Fitness & HIIT and social media to reach more women around the globe.

I developed the body confident program for all women including those beginning their journey. A step by step program with optimised progressive circuits designed to increase your fitness levels.The training can be completed anywhere and only minimal equipment is required between weeks 13-24. The online program comes with warmup, cool down, challenges, exercise glossary, pre training and video demos of all circuits and is suited to all levels.

The fitness and HIIT community is here to support and motivate you along your fitness journey. With the Body Confident Program and the community you'll become fit and confident and make friends along the way. It's great to have you on the team!