ideal bodyweight

What's Your Ideal Body Weight Where You Look & Feel Great?

If you’re trying to lose weight and reach your weight goals there's a few lifestyle changes you can make starting today to help you to achieve your goals.  

How to Find your Ideal Body Weight

Here's how to find your ideal body weight:

You can use a  BMI chart or calculator which is designed to show you your ideal weight according to your specific height and weight. 

You can calculate your BMI with the National Institute of Health NIH calculator  The formula is to take your weight in kilograms and divide this by your height in squared meters. Although the BMI calculator isn't designed to provide accuracy for extreme height and weight.

BMI is a starting point but it's not all about charts and calculators. Knowing the weight which suits you as an individual should come down to several factors. A typical BMI weight chart for women will show you your ideal weight taking into account your body type, age and height and body mass.

In determining your ideal body weight you should also take into account your waist circumference measurements and body fat percentage. Other things to consider include your nutrition and eating habits.

You can also take a visual approach which can help you to achieve your goals like taking photos every 4 to 6 weeks after following a fitness and healthy eating plan.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #1

Eating Breakfast Can Help You To Lose Weight

Eating breakfast helps to lose weight by increasing your metabolism first thing in the morning.

Avoid  'starvation mode' which can actually cause weight gain. This can happen as your body thinks you're not eating and it then tends to store fat to use as energy.

Ideally eating 5 to 6 small meals a day to can help regulate your blood sugar levels and give you energy throughout the day. Small meals every couple of hours will also reduce the chances of you needing to binge eat which has been shown to lead to weight gain.

There's also ideal times to eating if you're looking to reach your preferred weight, and generally leaving 2.5 to 3 hours between each meal will avoid starvation mode.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #2

Know What’s In Your Food & Never Shop Without A List!

If you're buying processed foods these can be high in saturated fats and salt. By avoiding pre packaged and processed foods as much as possible and focussing on raw whole foods can mean less fat, salt and sugar in your meals. By meal prepping healthier options and having simple recipes to hand can make a big difference to saving time and what's going into your body.

If you do want to eat less processed food here's a couple of tips which can help:

Step #1

Buy protein, fresh/frozen veg (go for the pre cut option if you’re short on time,) and foods in their natural state as much as possible as well as fruit and veg which is in season. You can take a look at the food pyramid which provides guidelines on the types of foods to include in your diet. 

Step #2

For a busy week it’s all about meal prep. Prep on Sunday and prepare your own meals.  Buy containers for 5 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinner and prep ahead. 

Step #3

Have simple go to recipes you can create in 30 minutes or less and keep the ingredients on standby for them.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #3

Switch To Cleaner Leaner Meals

Eating right is definitely not about dieting. A diet is just a short term fix where you eat certain types of food to help you to lose weight and then go back to eating your usual foods. This is a recipe for weight fluctuations. To begin start with a simple 7 day meal plan and make eating healthy a part of your lifestyle.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #4

Keep A Fitness and Nutrition Journal

You can take a photo before you start your new fitness and nutrition journey and record your progress weekly. After this a monthly photo can show you how your shape is changing and you can use the progress to help motivate you to keep going. Along with this you can also record workouts which you've completed and write down what you're eating. You could even take pictures of everything you eat.  Good for keeping a check on portion sizes.

To maintain your ideal weight comes down to habit. You’ve worked hard now you'll want to keep it that way by making the rules a habit. Don’t overthink it, workout a few times a week and keep meals simple and you're on the right track.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #5

Portion Size Matters

Portion size counts and one way to do this is to use a smaller plate. Also when you meal prep, store food in smaller containers. As a woman if you're trying to lose weight  the calorie calculator along with several other factors will give guidance on the number of calories to consume for you as an individual to crush weight loss goals.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #6


You really do need a good night’s sleep. According to research the recommended hours can help with weight loss as well as have other health benefits like better memory and longer lifespan. The National sleep foundation guidelines highlight  if you’re aged between 18 - 64 the recommended hours of sleep are 7 to 9 hours. According to research if you're not getting enough sleep you're more likely to eat more. 

Ideal Body Weight Rule #7

Have a Fitness Plan

Fitness and nutrition go together so if you’re looking to burn fat and tone up you need a plan.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #8

Write down your Goals

Write down your goals. You can use the S.M.A.R.T method and set yourself short and long term goals which are achievable.

Ideal Body Weight Rule #9

Join the Fitness and Hiit Community on Instagram 

Join the fitness and hiit community and stay accountable, make friends, ask questions and more! Get your friends on board When you've got the right people around you it can help you to stay motivated, accountable and stay on track! 

Ideal Body Weight Rule #10

Snack Attack Alert!

Stock up on good snacks like fruit and veg, kale chips, popcorn, dark chocolate (high in cocoa not sugar), dried nuts, smoothies & healthy dips.

Working out, eating delicious recipes  and having the right community to help support and motivate you will help to fuel your goals!