best fat burning foods

Add These Fat Burning Foods to Your Shopping List & Speed Up Your Metabolism.

Protein Rich Foods

Eggs, chicken, salmon and other oily fish, beans, legumes, dried nuts and dairy foods are all high in protein. These fat burning foods will assist with weight loss goals by reducing hunger and keeping you satiated so you feel fuller for longer. The body also has to work harder to break down and digest protein to build lean muscle which means you burn more calories in the process. Portion control is still key as too much protein can be stored as fat by the body.

Fruits and Vegetables

Berries like raspberries, citrus fruits, avocados, spinach, tomatoes, apples and other fruit and veg are high in viscous fiber.


Whole grains like brown rice and whole oats, the completely unground version can assist with weight loss goals by increasing your metabolism.


Chilli Peppers can assist with burning fat by increasing the body's temperature, which means it goes into a cool down mode. Other spices to speed up metabolism include turmeric, cayenne pepper and black pepper.

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