signs your overtraining

Lack of Motivation and Muscle Soreness may be Signs You're Overtraining

You're working out but lack motivation. are showing signs of physical exhaustion and have muscle soreness. These may all be signs of over training especially if your symptoms are ongoing and it takes weeks or even months to recover.Whether your goal is weight loss, toning or building muscle consistency in workouts combined with active rest periods is key. As well as getting the nutrition your body needs. A combination of the right macros for you can help you achieve the goals you want.

1. Increased Stress Levels

Overtraining can increase stress levels and also affect your body's ability to lose weight. Reduce stress levels with enough rest, recovery and self care.

2. Suffering from Exhaustion and Burnout

Without recovery you can end up feeling exhausted, this can lead to a workout plateau, which can mean fitness goals to aren't being achieved, whether that's weight loss or building muscle.

3. Sore Muscles and Joints

Prolonged sore muscles and stiff joints over  few weeks or months can be signs you need to rest more.

4. Low Motivation

If you're not feeling motivated to workout - it happens! If you have Low motivation and restlessness, and are unable to sleep properly for weeks it may be time to rest and recover before balancing your workout routine and having a more manageable exercise plan.

5. Increased Resting Heart Rate

Your resting heart rate increases. Measuring it on a regular basis can help to keep a check on heart rate levels. Focussing on recovery like yoga and foam rolling and eating right can all help with balancing things out.

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