get fit

Get Fit With These Fitness & Workout Tips.

1. Write Down Your Goal

Write down your goals and have them somewhere you can see them daily. Be specific and use the S.M.A.R.T acronym to set achievable short, medium and long term goals.

2. Monitor your Progress

Keep a workout and nutrition journal. This way you can review things and make improvements to get better results.

3. Daily Movement

Get moving daily, whether you're working out or doing LISS cardio , get moving daily and the consistency will turn to a  lifestyle habit which you do regularly without thinking about it.

4. Eat Right

Nutrition is key. Make sure you get nutrients from all food groups and eat regularly spaced out meals.

5. Avoid Injury

Always warm up and cool down before and after your workout.

6. Recovery

Make time for recovery. This is the key to being ready for your next workout. Myofascial Massage like foam rolling can help muscles recover faster from a workout. You could also try yoga to stretch out the muscles.

7. Switch it up

Vary your workout at least every 4 weeks to continue seeing results and avoiding a workout plateau.


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