cardio versus weights for fat loss

Cardio Versus Weights for Fat Loss.

Should you focus on cardio or weight training for fat loss. If weight loss is a goal then different types of training will maximise your results, which also includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

1. Cardio

Low Intensity cardio like walking, swimming or cycling burns more fat during the workout phase compared to weight training. However even though weight loss occurs, other factors like keeping muscles toned also need to be considered. Cardio is a good starting point to increasing fitness but HIIT and resistance training should also be added in to maximise fitness potential. Low intensity cardio works on the body's fat stores to burn through fat, as fat uses oxygen and has more of this when working out at a low intensity as opposed to working out at a high intensity when the body uses carbs as an energy source.


With High Intensity Interval training you benefit from the afterburn effect or EPOC ( Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), which means your body continues to burn calories after you've completed your workout. Even a short HIIT circuit of  7 or 14 minutes will  benefit the body and burn calories after the workout is complete.

3. Weight Training

Weight training will burn calories after you've completed your workout and in addition will tone and sculpt your body.

Cardio, HIIT and Weight training all have their benefits and a well structured workout program is recommended to successfully achieve weight loss goals The Body Confident program contains Cardio, High Intensity, Weight Training and Balance exercises to help you achieve your weight loss goals and to getting a toned and sculpted body. The program is progressive and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Remember nutrition is also key, as well as having healthy lifestyle habits to achieve your fitness goals.

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