calories burned lifting weights

How Many Calories Do You Actually Burn When You're Lifting Weights

Strength training helps to build muscle, burn calories and tone the body. Let's take a look at the calorie burn.

Do You Burn Calories When You Lift Weights?

Lifting weights can help you to burn fat and calories. The calories you burn do vary according to your start weight and will be different for everyone.  If your start weight is 125 pounds you'll burn roughly 90 calories when you lift weights.

With strength training your body continues to burn fat and build muscle through the day.

If weight loss is a goal, a good start point is to begin lifting weights twice a week.

Cardio Versus Weights

Cardio benefits include calorie burning, releasing feel good endorphins, reduced stress, better sleep and reduced depression.

The benefits of lifting weights also includes reduced stress levels and releasing feel good endorphins. In addition it helps to build strength, build muscle and burn fat after the workout is complete.

Cardio and weights both have benefits for fat loss. Your Body Confident Fitness Program has elements of both including HIIT.. By combining cardio with weights and HIIT you're maximising on your body's ability to burn calories and build muscle.

Calculate How Many Calories Are Burned Lifting Weights

Take your weight and multiply by the number of minutes of exercise and the type of exercise you've completed to give an average calorie burn. This calculator can help.

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