How to build muscle

How To Build Muscle.

If you're interested in building muscle, follow the tips below to put you on the right track.


Include high intensity workouts in your fitness routine to burn fat which will allow lean muscle definition to show through.

Strength Training

For beginners start by doing bodyweight exercises, move up to bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates barbell and gym machines. A good start point can be 3 to 8 pound weights. Experiment with what works for you. The weight needs to be heavy enough to allow at least 8 to 12 reps, anymore and it's too light and will give a more toning workout.

If you're unable to keep correct form the weight is too heavy. Focus on compound exercises to get the most out of your workout by working several muscles at the same time. Also remember to mix up the workouts at least every 4 weeks to continue seeing results.


Nutrition is key. Eat enough protein, fiber, complex carbs and a small amount of healthy fats and dairy or alternatives to help develop muscle and a healthy body. The right combination of macros will help build muscle over time.

Eating refined foods and sugar, salt and fast food, doesn't contribute to lean muscle development and can cause bloat, fat and low energy levels. These are best eaten in moderation.

Pre and Post Workout snacks are also essential. Generally carbs before a workout will help to fuel your routine and a protein meal or snack post workout can give your muscles essential nutrients.


Green Tea, herbal teas, water, fruit infused water, coffee, apple cider vinegar can all contribute to speeding up the metabolism and reducing fat levels.


Sleep and rest are essential to allow your body to recover from your workouts. Muscle is also built during the resting phase.

Remember fitness is a lifestyle!

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