How to do pushups

How To Do Push ups

Pushups are a compound exercise and help to build strength along the entire arm. If you want to learn how to do push ups start with the modifications below from beginner to advanced to build strength in the arms and work your way up to a full push up and beyond!


Incline Push up

Using a bench, table or something similar, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Engage the core and push through the arms and chest, return to your start position. that's one rep..

Incline Pushups

Knee Push up

Start on the knees and align shoulders and arms, aim to  complete 8 to 12 push ups and 2 to 3 sets. Push down through arms and chest, keeping the head and spine aligned, pause and return to your start position.

Knee Pushups

Single Knee Push up

Similar to the Knee Push up but you're balancing on one knee only.

Single Knee Push ups

Push up

Hands and shoulders should be aligned and placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Aim to form a straight line between shoulders, back and hips and engage your core. Place feet shoulder width apart. Push down bending the elbows and return to your start position by pushing through arms, shoulders and chest.

Push ups

Decline Push up

Using an elevated surface like a step or a bench, this is similar to the pushup with more focus on building strength in the shoulders and chest.

Decline Push ups

Weighted Push up

Balance your hands on a medicine ball or a dumbbell in each hand and complete the pushup. This challenges the arms and core to work a lot harder.

Weighted Push ups

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