How to get a flat stomach in a week

How To Get A Flat Stomach In A Week.


Hydration is key to a flatter stomach. Drinking enough water will help to reduce fat and keep your metabolism running efficiently. Cold water will also increase your resting metabolism to increase calorie burn. .You can also try adding flavor to your water naturally with cucumber or orange .

Drinking peppermint tea after a meal can help with digesting food and can also help control appetite to avoid overeating.

Try adding green tea to your hydration intake. Green tea and matcha which is a stronger version, contain catechins to help burn fat.


Eating carbs can cause bloat. Try adding more protein and fiber to your meals for a flatter stomach.


Combine cardio such as skipping, walking , jogging with toning moves which directly target your abs and core. Leg Raises, plank hip dips, ab bikes, situps and crunches are just some basic exercise moves that can help to tone the stomach. 

Try making changes which will stick. the idea is to make long term lifestyle changes and gain healthy habits.

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