How to get a toned body


How to Get a Toned Body

Workout Daily

Exercise each day with at least 1 rest dayhelps the body to be more active and will put you on the path to success. Make time to workout at the same time each day to form a long term habit that fits into your daily schedule. Focus on workouts to get and stay toned and strength training to build lean muscle.

Eat Healthy

Lean Protein, complex carbs, high fiber veg and fruit all contribute to a healthy body. Eat healthy nutritionally dense whole foods and you'll start seeing results.

Lifestyle Changes

Make small changes daily and take one day at a time to form habits that stick. For example drink enough water and monitor how much you drink daily.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not applying enough resistance to be able to complete 12 reps with your weights or enough intensity for muscles to feel fatigued to see results.
  • Not eating enough protein to help burn calories and build muscle.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Not keeping hydrated.
  • Not working out according to a plan.

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