lose belly fat

This Is How To Lose Belly Fat the Healthy Way.

It's not possible to spot reduce belly fat or fat from a particular part of your body. Focussing on the body as a whole is the solution to weight loss. You'll need to take into account your fitness and the workouts you're doing, nutrition and how you're fueling your body and your health such as hormones and mental state.

Belly fat occurs from improper nutrition, not moving enough to burn off calories, increased stress levels and a lack of sleep.

1. Reduce Stress Levels With Self Care

Identify what's stressing you and find solutions to manage it.. Talking to someone, going for a walk, sleep or yoga can all help to reduce stress levels. 

2.Workout Consistently

Workout consistently and focus on the body as a whole. Use a variety of training methods. Cardio, Weights, Balance and Plyometrics make the basis of a good training plan. Consistency is the road to successful fat burning results.

3.Get Enough Sleep So You Feel Rested

Quality is key when it comes to sleep. The recommended hours of sleep are 8 hours for adults, but 6 good hours of quality sleep are better than 8 hours of light broken sleep. Focus on quality and find a way to wind down and get to sleep quickly after a long day.

4.Focus on Daily Nutrition

The key elements of a balanced nutrition plan include Protein, Complex Carbs, Fiber and Healthy Fats. Aim for balanced healthy meals each day to fuel your body.


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