Speed up your metabolism

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism.

Did you know metabolic rate slows with age. Pregnancy can also affect metabolism. Here's how to jumpstart your metabolic rate for reduced weight and increased energy.

#1 How to Speed up your Metabolism through Nutrition

Add healthy fats to your meals, these can be found in fish and nuts such as walnuts and pistachios, avocados, eggs and colourful veg.  Omega 3 has been shown to balance metabolism. Opt for complex carbs. as opposed to simple carbs for an a steady energy release throughout the day.

Try adding chilli and other spices to your meals as it's been shown to speed up metabolic rate.

Reduce foods that slow metabolism like simple carbs , sugar and omega 6, if weight loss is a goal.

#2 Interval Training to Increase your Metabolism

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is a method of working out where you combine intense periods of exercise followed by less intense intervals. High intensity interval training can increase energy levels and burn fat even after you complete your workout is complete, with the afterburn effect.

#3 How to Speed up your Metabolism while you Sleep

One of the best ways to jumpstart your metabolism is to get enough sleep, it's essential to get at least 8 hours a night. Too little sleep has been shown to result in weight gain.

#4 Take a Daily Multivitamin

Taking a daily multivitamin with essential B vitamins will also give you an energy boost.

#5 Speed Up Your Metabolism With Omegas

Taking omega's can balance your metabolic rate and help to lose weight.

#6 How to Speed up your Metabolism with Green Tea, Coffee and Water

Green Tea, coffee, water, grapefruit and lemon also speed up your metabolism. If you don't like plain water try infusing it with fruit or lemon, lime or mint for some flavour.

#7 How to Speed up your Metabolism in the Morning to Lose weight 

Speed up your metabolism by eating breakfast. You should eat ideally within an hour of waking up.  Aim for protein to help keep you fuller for longer. Eggs with whole grain toast, a smoothie, yogurt with nuts are all good options.

Habits like going into starvation mode, not eating enough and dieting can result in your body storing fat. Eating protein at every meal especially at breakfast can help to balance your blood sugar, keep you fuller for longer and speed up your metabolism.

#8 Reduce Stress & Chill

Stress has been shown to contribute to weight gain.

Find time to reduce stress levels through workouts, spending time with friends, family or pets.

Remember to be consistent with these habits to see a difference.  Consistency is the key to success and over time you will start seeing the changes you're working towards.. Getting those workouts in,  eating nutrient dense meals and making time for self care will all contribute to your weight loss goals.

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