How to stop binge eating

How to Stop Binge Eating.

Binge eating is when you consume large amounts of food at certain times of the day and can't control how much you eat. It's not the same as overeating and if you think you may have a tendency to binge eat, read on for the steps to follow and regain control of your food.

Balance Your Eating Habits by Following These Steps

1. Keep a Food Diary

Write down everything you eat and drink on a daily basis and at what times. Look back over your diary on a weekly basis and see where you can make changes for the week ahead.

2. Plan Your Meals

Plan meals ahead of time, avoid 'diets' and make healthy lifestyle changes to your meals that stick. Eat more whole foods, focus on lean sources of protein, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fats and balance meals throughout the day to avoid extreme hunger.

3. Clear the Cupboards

Remove foods which you binge on from all kitchen cupboards and avoid replacing them during your next grocery shop.

4. 80/20 Rule

It's fine to have the foods you enjoy at least 20% of the time when you're eating healthy 80% of the time. Remember being on a strict fitness and diet routine can actually trigger binge eating.

5. Support

Find a qualified professional if you feel you need support in breaking a binge eating cycle.


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