How to treat and prevent muscle cramps

How To Treat and Prevent Muscle Cramps.

Causes of Muscle Cramps

Cramps can occur suddenly at any time of day and can be the result of muscle fatigue, overusing muscles, straining the muscles and dehydration. Cramps can occur in your abdominals, legs or feet and signs of a cramp include a sharp pain and the muscles contracting involuntarily in the affected area. 

Preventing & Treating Muscle Cramps

You can prevent muscle cramps by staying hydrated before, during and after your workout and eating foods which can help reduce the chances of experiencing cramps. Sports drinks containing sodium to replace lost sodium and electrolytes through exercise can also help in preventing cramps from occurring. Warmup and Cool down before and after exercise to allow the muscles to be stretched is essential. If a cramp occurs try applying heat or ice on tight muscles and stretching and massage the muscle out.

Foods to Ease Muscle Cramps

Salmon is a good source of protein and high in omega 3 and can help reduce the symptoms of cramps you may be feeling. Try a simple salmon dish with veggies and lemon for an easy go to weeknight dinner. Foods which are high in potassium like bananas and spinach can also help. As potassium is an electrolyte eating potassium rich foods will replace electrolytes lost through your workout.  Peanut butter a good source of protein and healthy fats and vitamin E and has been shown to reduce the effects of cramps. Research shows foods high in zinc like pumpkin seeds can also get rid of cramps including menstrual cramps.

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