should you workout when sick

Should You Workout When Sick or Rest?

Is it a good idea to go to the gym or put yourself through a heart racing workout? It all depends on your symptoms. 

1. Symptoms Requiring Rest and Recovery

If you're experiencing headaches, fever, aches, pains and coughing, your body needs time to rest and recover. If you push yourself too hard you can end up taking longer to recover and having a not so great workout.

2. Mild Symptoms

If you're symptoms are less severe and above the neck, but your body feels fine you can aim for something low impact if you want to get moving like LISS Cardio such as walking, yoga, cycling or swimming can be a great way to stay active without straining yourself when you're not feeling great.

3. Nutrients

Ensure your body is getting enough vitamins and minerals to help fight off cold and flu symptoms and to help with faster recovery.

4. Keep it Clean!

If you working out at home or gym, use wipes and hand sanitizers to keep any equipment you use clean.

5. Hydration

Green Tea or Lemon with honey and other fluids can help with faster recovery.

6. Nutrition

Foods containing B6 and B12 vitamins, warm soups and citrus fruits can all help to recover quicker from colds and flus.

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