best way to lose weight

Best Way to Lose Weight.

The best way to lose weight is to make lifestyle changes in areas of health, nutrition and fitness. The following tips can help you to make those lifestyle changes.

Sleep More

Recommended hours of sleep range between 7 to 9 hours for adults. Not getting enough sleep can lead to food cravings and lack of sleep or good quality sleep over the course of a few days can have an adverse effect on fat cells, causing more insulin to be released by the body, resulting in the body storing more fat.

Reduce Stress

Increased stress levels have been shown to lead to weight gain and belly fat. Stress affects several factors including metabolism, leads to sugar cravings and the storage of fat by the body. Effective ways to reduce stress include working out, making time for self care or spending time with pets, friends or family.

Eat More Whole Foods

Eat more whole natural foods like fish, beans, whole fruits and vegetables.  By consuming more wholefoods you avoid the extra calories found in processed foods and ready meals like added salt, sugar and fat. Over time this lifestyle overhaul can assist with weight loss efforts.

Focus on Protein at Every Meal Especially Breakfast

Eating protein especially in the morning can help to keep you full for a longer amount of time and build muscle, which leads to an increase in metabolism leading to weight loss. Portion control is still key as excess protein is stored as fat by the body so aim for a calorie deficit overall.

Increase Your Intake of Fiber

Fiber rich foods can also help you to feel full and lose weight. Some of the best fiber rich foods which are also low in fat include oatmeal, beans and vegetables. The key is to aim for balance in all meals.

Eat Less Refined Foods and Carbs

Refined foods likes crisps and white rice lose a lot of nutrients and fiber during the refining process. Focussing more on nutrient rich foods like whole foods is more beneficial overall.

Eat Less Processed Foods

Processed foods tend to have added salts, sugars and fats which can lead to an increase in the calories consumed.

Eat Less Processed Sugars

Fizzy drinks, jams, biscuits and cakes all contain processed sugars which can lead to weight gain and belly fat. The key is to aim for moderation in these types of foods.

Eat Mindfully

Be conscious of the food your consuming.  Rather than eating in a rush, try to slow down at meal time and try focussing on your food without distractions.

Keep a Food and Fitness Diary

Record what you eat and the workouts completed in a diary. Review the diary weekly and see where changes can be made for the week ahead to help you to reach your goals.

Focus on HIIT and Strength Training

Burn More calories with HIIT training and benefit from the  afterburn effect where your body keeps burning calories even after you've completed your workout. Lifting weights will also help to build muscle as well as burn calories.

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