working out on an empty stomach is is good for fat loss

Does Working Out on an Empty Stomach Burn More Fat?

Should you workout before breakfast and workout on an empty stomach?

Research indicates working out on an empty stomach uses existing fat stores for energy. As you're not digesting food which can take up to 6 hours,. If weight loss is a goal, working out in a fasted state can mean your body relies on existing fat stores as energy for example completing a low intensity cardio workout in the morning.

It is common to eat carbs to fuel a workout and to give you the energy you need, however if the body is relying on carb intake for energy it isn't using the existing fat already stored by the body if fat loss is your goal.

You will need to determine what's right for you and if you're doing an intense workout like HIIT or lifting weights some complex carbs like whole grain toast and an omelette or oats before your workout can help give you the energy you need for this type of workout and also use existing fat stores.

Take into account your goal, how long you're working out and the intensity of your workout to determine if fasted exercise is right for you and keep hydrated with water before, during and after your workout. Post workout focus on complex carbs and protein to help build muscle and burn fat.

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