8 best abs and obliques exercises

Best Abs & Obliques Exercises

You can add these abs and obliques exercises to your next upper body workout. Aim for 12 to 15 Reps of each move and 3 Rounds.


plank jacks

Plank Jacks

Start in high plank position with feet together. Shoulders should be aligned to wrists. Keeping your hips steady jump outwards and back in again.

plank pike

Plank Pike with Stability Ball

Start in a plank with hands and shoulders aligned and your feet balancing on a stability ball.Engage your core. Using your abs muscles bring the stability ball inwards and lift hips up into a pike position. Return to start and repeat.

plank hip dips

Plank Hip Dips

Begin in a low plank with shoulders and elbows aligned and engage your abs. Rotate hips to the left almost touching the floor and return to start, then rotate hips to the right and repeat.

dumbbell side bend

Dumbbell Side Bends

Begin in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Hold a dumbbell in one hand with your other hand behind your head. Using slow controlled movements bend sideways and return to a standing position. Repeat for the opposite side.

mountain climber

Mountain Climber

Start in a plank position with shoulders and hands aligned. Engage your core and bring your right knee towards your chest. Using momentum switch between right and left legs towards your chest for the required number of reps.

medicine ball ab rollout

Medicine Ball Ab Rollout

Start in a kneeling position with hands on a medicine ball in front of you. Engage your abs and roll the medicine ball in front of you until your forearms are resting on the ball. Roll the ball inwards towards you keeping abs engaged.

straight leg raise

Lay Down Straight Leg Raise

Begin by laying on your back with legs straight and arms by your sides. Keep abs engaged and extend legs straight up and slowly lower back to your start position.

ab bike

Ab Bikes

Lay on the floor with hands behind your head and abs engaged. Bring your right knee towards your chest, lift shoulders off the ground and bring your left elbow toward your right knee. Repeat for the opposite side and build momentum.

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