Upper body dumbbell workout

Upper Body Workout

This upper body workout targets arms, shoulders, chest and back. You can do this workout at home, in your hotel room or anywhere! If you don't have weights substitute with water bottles.

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells

3 Rounds - 15 Reps each move

Dumbbell Pushup

Dumbbell Pushup

Holding a pair of dumbbells begin in a pushup position with your hands placed shoulder width apart & feet hip width apart. Lower yourself into a pushup and repeat for the required number of reps.

Shoulder Pushup


Shoulder Pushup

Begin in a standard pushup position with hands shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart. Raise your hips to form an upside down v shape. Lower your shoulders towards the floor to perform the push up bending at the elbows at the same time. Repeat for the total amount of reps.

Reverse Flys

Reverse Flyes 

Hold a pair of dumbells, keep your back flat and your knees slightly bent. Raise arms straight out to the sides until they are aligned with the body.



Begin by standing upright with a slight bend at the knee. Keep the feet shoulder width apart and hold a pair of dumbbells with palms facing forward and elbows close to the body. Engage the abs and curl the arms until they reach the shoulders then lower back to your start point.Triceps Kickback

Triceps Kickback

Keeping your knees slightly bend and back straight. Hold a dumbbell in one hand with palms facing in. Lower yourself  so you're leaning forwards. Keeping the elbow steady slowly lower the dumbbell back using your forearm, pause then return to your start point using slow controlled movements.



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