⇒ Tell me more about the Body Confident Fitness Program?

The Body Confident Program is a 12 week online fitness program. A 4 week pre-training program is included for anyone who is new to training or is coming back to exercise after a break. The program is a step by step fitness program suitable for all levels including beginner. Advanced exercisers can make the program more challenging by adding in an additional circuit, increasing speed or using equipment.

⇒ Why is the Body Confident Program Different from other Programs?

The program is made up of optimised workout circuits to help you achieve your fitness goals. The program gets more challenging as you progress and all workouts are under 30  with separate warm up and cool down.The first 12 weeks require no equipment and the program can be completed anywhere. The following 12 weeks require minimal equipment only.

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⇒ What kind of Results can I expect to achieve with the Body Confident Fitness Program?

The program is based on circuit workouts. You'll benefit from getting toned, feeling fitter and more confident.

⇒ How can I achieve the best results possible for me?

Everyone is different and results may vary depending on your starting point and where you are in your fitness journey. The program has been developed to provide the best results in a short period of time to help you to see results and should be completed by eating healthy nutritionally dense meals to achieve maximum results. You can read the blog for tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle.


⇒ How do I access the program 

Once you have purchased the program and made a payment, a confirmation page will be displayed with a link to access the program online.

⇒ Is a PDF available for the program?

The Body Confident fitness program is available online only not pdf and protected by copyright laws. This means no part of the program can be downloaded or printed. All purchases are licenced to an individual user and can only be used by the individual.


⇒ How much does the Body Confident Fitness Program Cost?

Please visit the shop page to see the current program price.

⇒ What is the Refund Policy?

The Body Confident Fitness program is a digital product. There is one payment for lifetime access, no subscriptions. Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of the product. Purchases of the fitness program are non refundable.


⇒ What is the Body Confident Fitness Program?

A 4 week pre-training program followed by a 12 week fitness program. The program can be completed anywhere. Workouts are completed 3 days a week and 2 Long Slow Duration LISS Cardio days are also included with a recovery day and rest day.

⇒ What's the Structure of the Program?

Workouts can be completed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cardio is recommended on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturdays are active rest days and on Sunday complete rest is recommended. You can also change the days around to suit your lifestyle.

⇒ What types of Exercises and Workouts are included?

Bodyweight Resistance, Plyometric, Unilateral and Cardio exercises. The Body Confident fitness program has the key elements of a balanced fitness program which gradually gets more challenging as you progress.

⇒ What are the Next Steps after completing the fitness program?

Once you complete the first 12 weeks you can repeat the program from the most challenging week and increase the speed or complete an additional circuit to keep the program challenging. You can also move on to program 2.0.

⇒ Can I modify the program?

Yes! if the exercises are too challenging modifications can be added in as you work your way up to completing the recommended exercise.

⇒ Where do I send my Progress Photos?

Connect on Instagram and use the hashtag #bodyconfidentprogram or email


⇒ What should I eat when completing the program?

Nutritionally dense foods are recommended. It is recommended to focus on healthy eating and portion control throughout the week.

If you have any further questions please visit the contact us page.